Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweet dreams of dog poo

Geez... I guess when you go to bed sober you have lots of dreams... I had all these crazy dreams about "England". It wasn't England, but in the dream it was... it was more like a Cat In The Hat land in the middle of a civil war (prolly b/c I've been listening to the conspiracy pirate radio station 90.1fm).... very hilly and roads would stop for about 100 feet then pick up again. All kinds of crazy stuff happen but I barely remember most of it. I wanted to buy a huge fish and ended up buying two dogs (I hate dogs).

Ok, I don't hate dogs, but I do hate dog poo. So all I could think about is how much dog poo there was gonna be that i had to pick up from these two dogs... haha... Yes, I worry about the BIG things in life. Big stinky things.

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