Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Bought it when it came out yesterday.

Pretty effin tight!

I started witht he regular story mode. Pretty cool so far. I didn't get too far. I'm still sitting in the apt WATCHING TV! No shit... I wonder how long the loops are. That was real crazy tho--that you have TV in addition to radio like the previous ones. It was some funny tongue-in-cheek comedy stand up show that caught my attention.

Then I was invited to play online by some buds. It is pretty fun. I'm still debating if I will renew my live subscription... but it was fun... Jump in a car with some homies, bust out the window and start throwing moltof cocktails! booom!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good read...

Not too many words and some interactive pictures. Might not want to loan this one out to too many people tho...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pac it up

Eeesh... Does it ever end!? I got this as a gag gift for my bday from the 'Burgler... I like it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Road Wars

This van covered in Billery and Pope signage was sitting at the light in front of me right next to Hillery's Pope-mobile was an avid Ron Paul supporter car (judging from all his bumper stickers)... Ahaha... I thought it was pretty funny. Wish I coulda got a pic of both!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snoop goes country??

Whaaaaaaa!? Snoop on CMT!? What's next!? Nate Dog on lap-steel and Dr. Dre on banjo???

Sweet dreams of dog poo

Geez... I guess when you go to bed sober you have lots of dreams... I had all these crazy dreams about "England". It wasn't England, but in the dream it was... it was more like a Cat In The Hat land in the middle of a civil war (prolly b/c I've been listening to the conspiracy pirate radio station 90.1fm).... very hilly and roads would stop for about 100 feet then pick up again. All kinds of crazy stuff happen but I barely remember most of it. I wanted to buy a huge fish and ended up buying two dogs (I hate dogs).

Ok, I don't hate dogs, but I do hate dog poo. So all I could think about is how much dog poo there was gonna be that i had to pick up from these two dogs... haha... Yes, I worry about the BIG things in life. Big stinky things.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This New Ass Blog

That's right... new ass blog.

Lets regurg some old shit:

My reviews of some newer hiphop singles that about to/just dropped.

Twista- Aint on Shit Rating: A
This is surprisingly tight... I googled it and found out why--Alchemist made the beat for one... It reminds me of the underlying riff from Rage's track on the original Crow soundtrack. The flow is pretty tight too... makes me think of that first Mystical single. I dig it.

Lil Wayne & Sizzla - 10 years Rating: B+
I like the beat--nothing too spectacular.. kinda typical ragga crossed with typical rap beat. I'd give it a B. It's kinda cool and I bet this would mix in great to Snoop's Drop It Like It's Hot. The vocals have a nice flow but don't really stand out to me (altho I have a hard time paying attention to lyrics anyways). The ragga "DJ" is tight if ur into this kinda jam. I think this type of stuff is ok and that's my basic feeling about the song as a result.

The Grouch - Artsy (edIT remix) Rating: A-
The hook is pretty tight and might be a useful for a diss set. Over all I'd say the rhymes is the only reason this isn't a A+. The beat reminds me of a MF Doom beat... but also has a very strong Prefuse 73 feel. I'd jam the fuck outta the instrumental. Nice horns at the end.

P.M. - Bottles In The Air (DJ Rob Dinero Remix) Rating: A
This remix is tight... cool cut hook and nice flow on the lyrics... very smooth. Flips a tight sample most people would recognize from Biggie (Junior MAFIA, actually).... This would rock the club for sure.

Showbiz And A.G. - Business As Usual (Cuts By DJ Premier) Rating: A
At first I was gonna give this a B+ but as it played on it really grew on me. I thought the lyrics weren't gonna hold up to the tight ass beat.... but as it goes on the ill lyrical metaphors and props to deceased greats caught my attention and really pulled me in. This is a pretty low key track--tuff to imagine in the club, but man it's a tight track. Cut up hook by Premier is real nice too.

Shawayze - Buzzin' (Will.I.Am Remix) Rating: B+
This is such a strange track... it's like if Blind Mellon made rap music--would be tight mixed into that one hit of their's for you Z-Trip wannabes. wink.gif ...or some old De La would make a good mix prolly. It's real, real light hearted chick-makeout rap summertime song. It's the type of thing you dont really want to get down to, but gotta admit it's kinda tight and it will make the ladies dance.

Smif N Wessun - Can't Feel My Face Rating: A--
Man... I can't remember what this reminds me of... there's two songs it really brings to mind... damn....... well, worth checking out... Seems like it's a dirty south track this reminds me of. It's one of those beats that has that 3/4 feel even tho it's 4/4 beat... I always equate that "feel" to like the ocean waves... I don't know why. I guess cause it makes you feel kinda off beat like you are rocking. Interesting track but I don't like the hook. Wish I could remember what it reminded me of.

Scarface - Crack Rating: A-
Man, this is a nice violin rip of Pac's Hail Mary.... oh fuck, no it's not! It's Coolio's Gangster's Paradise! (Sorry, it's getting late). Yeah, that's it. So, obviously, that would be a fun trans at the club between those two tracks. It's tight just for the beat and that it's Scarface... I personally prefer Maryjane from the Untouchable album to this tho.... what happened to talking about weeeed?

Teblon & T-Real - Da Boot Rating: C+
This shit is just stupid. ....that said, it would be dope as fuck in the strip club. nuff said.

Beezwax & Mickey Stix - Dead Stranger B++
This beat is a loop from The Animals-House Of The Rising Sun. It finally drops and is pretty damn tight, but I wanted much more... like a second total badass drop with the vocals coming in at the end. ...I guess you could mix it that way... It's pretty tight tho... just doesn't fulfill it's potential.

More to come.

More to learn.

More to see.

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